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In need of a new chain link fence? Read On.

Choosing the right type of fence and the right contractor to build it can be a tricky choice, here at Melbourne Fencing Pro’s we hope we can provide you with as much information as you need to confidently make that choice.

Chainlink fence in a backyard in melbourne.
Chain Link Fencing In Melbourne

Why A Chain Link Fence?

Chain link fences (also known as chain wire fences or chain mesh fences) are a basic sort of fence that is less about aesthetics and has a more practical use and that is about keeping people or animals out. You tend to find these in more industrial areas (factories, compounds, etc), government and public areas (schools, sporting fields, cricket nets, parkland, etc) and areas requiring a higher than normal level of security (mobile telephone towers, railway yards, military bases, etc).

In some situations though a chain link fence can be a good choice for a residential property as well, (there are other variations of steel fences that might suit your home better) whether it be for a tennis court or a rear fence of the property, it will provide all the security and reassurance that you need to know that people don’t have easy access to your land. Melbourne fencing pro’s are proud to offer supply & install for industrial, residential & commercial uses.

Pro’s And Cons Of Chain Link Fencing.

- Great value for money. You can fence off large areas for quite a low cost per meter.
- Effective. Depending on the purpose you can have a customised fence height that can deter and prevent people or animal trying to scale your fence, and in some situations and circumstances you might consider barbed wire as well.
- Simple & quick to setup & install. Chain Link fences are quite simple in their design and it means they can be put in a comparatively short amount of time compared to other styles of fencing.
- Transparency.
This could be a pro or a con depending on the situation but chain link fences relatively see through, meaning your view isn’t spoiled and also no one can hide behind it.

- Not very stylish.
For the most part, chain link fences arnt great to look at and are not suitable for a lot of areas, if this is important for you a colorbond fence might be a better option.
- Lack of privacy. Depending on the type of property or situation, chain link fences provide very little in the way of privacy.

Chainlink fence with grass in the background
Chain link fence on grass

Chain Link Fence Components.

A basic chain link fence is made up of 4 main components.
1 – Piping. This forms the structure of the fence and is usually made from stainless steel.
2 – Chain Wire – This is attached to the piping and provides the actual fence surface.
3 – Fence Fittings – The pieces that connect the piping together hold it all together.
4 – Finishing – This is the coating that is used on the chain wire, depending on your needs you could leave it as default stainless steel or go for galvanised or PVC coated.

Many of these pieces can be found at bunnings and other hardware suppliers.

Long chainlink fence
Chain Mesh Fence Alongside Sports Oval

Other Chain Wire Fence Considerations


A chain link fences gauge is an indication of the strength of the wire used. The lower the gauge number the thicker the wire is, so for instance the thinnest wire gauge is 13 and is used for temporary fencing, whereas the thickest wire available is a 6 which is usually used for higher security purposes such as commercial or industrial. The thicker the wire the more it will cost, this is something we can help you decide on depending on your needs.

Chain wire fence in field
Chain Wire Fence

Size Of The Grid

The size of the grid is basically the size of the diamonds within the makeup of the fence. The smaller diamonds are generally used for higher security needs, middle sized diamonds for commercial premises and larger diamonds for residential purposes.

Wire Coating

Depending on the use of your fence you might choose to have it coated or not, a coated fence is more resilient and will last longer but is generally more expensive so it will depend on your budget.

So if you're looking to build a chain link fence in Melbourne, reach out to us now on (03) 9034 5958 for a free quote!