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Considering colorbond fencing for your property? Good choice! Colorbond is a quality, trusted product used by millions of Australians. Read on to discover if it’s the best fit for you or if you're already interested in installing Colorbond fencing in Melbourne find out a bit more about your options.

Why A Colorbond Fence?

Colourbond fence on hill
Colorbond Fencing Alongside A House

Colorbond fencing is essentially a painted steel sheet that both looks great, comes in a wide range of colours, provides fantastic privacy and is a solid deterrent to keep unwanted people and animals out and your loved ones in. Colorbond fences are a great options for most residential properties and since they come in a range of colours they can be custom made to fit in with any style of house or garden.

They’re generally a solid option and are built to last as they’re galvanised steel with a superior baked on finish, so they hold up very well in the harsh Australian sun as well as the cold and frost. They resist peeling, chipping, and cracking and because of their anti-corrosion properties they look great for a long time after you’re purchased.

Being a steel fence as well means it won’t be affected by termites and other pests that can sometimes degrade and damage timber fences (such as a paling fence). Since colorbond panels come in the dimensions there are a few different ways they can installed as most terrain is rarely flat. Generally you will have the choice between stepped, which is where one fence panel will be slightly higher or lower than the one next to it depending on the gradient of the hill. Another option is to rake the fence, this is where the colorbond sheet is cut on the top of bottom to match the contour of the land. Whichever option you choose you’ll end up with a stylish, practical and long lasting fence that will no doubt add value to your property and give you years of security and comfort.

Colorbond fencing next to grass
Colorbond Fence In Melbourne

Pro’s & Cons Of Colorbond Fencing

- They look great.
 With dozens of attractive colours and shades to choose from you’ll be able to create a fence that matches your house, garden and overall property, whether you want it to stand out or blend in, there will be a colour that suits you. Furthermore, unlike timber fencing, Colorbond fences don’t have ugly railings on one side.
- Long Lasting. Compared to timber fencing, Colorbond fencing has a much longer lifespan as the galvanised steel sheets are specially treated and have a superior baked on finish, meaning they can withstand the wildest weather. They don’t burn or catch on fire, termites won’t be a problem, and they can withstand the strongest winds.
- Solid and effective. Colorbond fences are highly practical, they’re tall and strong and have no easy handholds on them making it difficult for unwanted guests or intruders climbing over them, keeping you and your family safe. They’re also solid and will never have any holes in them so your privacy is guaranteed.
- They’re great for the environment. Being solid steel they’re 100% recyclable which means when the time comes down the line to replace them their fully recyclable. Furthermore since they’re modular there’s generally no offcuts during installation meaning less waste and less rubbish to dispose of.
- Easy to maintain and low maintenance. The high quality steels and the way it has been treated ensure that it will need very little maintenance

- The price. One of the biggest downsides of colorbond fencing is the price, especially compared to other options such as timber fencing. Furthermore if you need any custom fittings or sheets cut it can also cost you’re a bit extra depending on the situation. You do however get what you pay for but understandably price will be a turn off for some people. The upside is that a colorbond fence will last longer than a cheaper fence so do take both into consideration.

Colourbond alongside a driveway
Colorbond Fencing Can Be Used In Many Places

Colorbond Fence Components

A basic colorbond fence has 4 main components.
1 – Infill panels. These are basically the metal sheets that make up the fence itself.
2 – Channel posts & rails. These are lengths of shaped steel that cover all the sharp edges and create a finished look.
3 – Steel posts. The posts that are positioned in the ground that provide the structure and support for the fence.
4 – Other Accessories. There are other accessories that can be used as well to fill in the gaps so to speak, such as frames for gates, hinges, screws, plastic caps, etc.

So if you're ready to take the next step and spruce up your property with some Colorbond fencing in Melbourne, reach out to us now on (03) 9034 5958 for your free quote.