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Paling fence in the neighbourhood
Paling Fence In The Suburbs Of Melbourne

Paling Fences Melbourne

Timber Paling fences area bit of a favourite out in suburbia and it’s no surprise why, they’re effective, affordable and simple. Is a paling fence the best option for you? Read on to learn more…

Why A Paling Fence?

Paling fences in Melbourne are super popular due their economical benefits, ease to install and their effectiveness and durability. They’re built using treated pine timber with planks lined up vertically side by side overlapping eachother and supported by a series of timber posts and horizontal supports.

Timber paling fences are most suited to and mostly seen dividing residential properties and keeping neighbours at bay (if you’re after a fence for the front of your property consider a picket fence), whilst they can be used in other situations this is where they are mostly seen as they are simple, effective and offer great privacy. They provide excellent privacy due to their height and lack of transparency as well as a fairly high level of effectiveness against animals, however they can be easily scaled by most adults if they had to.

They’re also very economical and provide fairly good value for money as they use fairly basic materials and can be erected quite quickly and in difficult to access areas, and even sloped areas. Paling fences are also great for the environment as the waste product is minimal as timber will eventually rot (treated timber though will keep your fence strong and healthy for a long time).

Fence in someones backyard
Paling Fences Are Simple & Affordable

Pro’s & Cons Of Timber Paling Fences

– Privacy. Paling fences will also give you the peace of mind in knowing that no one can see into your property. They can be built up to 2.3m tall and can completely block out any single story neighbouring property if needed. You can be sure that there’ll be no nosy neighbours.

– Design. They’re a simple but effective design that isn’t overbearing or stands out, they do what they’re supposed to do and you don’t even notice them most of the time. The simple design makes them simple to install and also means they can be built on practically any site, including sloped areas. Due to their simple nature the timber required is quite easy to find and can be easily purchased at placed such as Bowens.

– Durable. Paling fences are built with treated pine usually and if built correctly can last a decade or longer. They can tolerate destructive weather such as rain or oppressive heat and will usually come out looking alright. They are also resistant to termites and other destructives pests.

– Effectiveness. A fence that does just what it’s supposed to. Capable of keeping animals at bay and providing an obstacle for humans who try to climb it, the humble paling fence is a favourite for a reason, it deters neighbours and intruders and provides a high quality of privacy whilst at the same time blending into the background and not being overbearing.

– Security. If security is a huge priority for you a paling fence might not be the best option, as many people can scale them fairly easily unless they’re particularly high. Ensuring the horizontal supports are on your side of the fence and not your neighbours can be a good way around this as well.

– Wind resistant. Paling fences are flat objects with a smooth surface which means if the fence is not secured properly (eg if it is aged) theres a chance it could be picked up by a strong surge of wind, such as in a wild storm.

Different Types Of Paling Fences

Paling fences coming a few different types including standard paling fences, lapped paling fences and capped paling fences. These are just different variations of the standard fence, whilst the capped portion covers the top part of the fence for a smooth finish.

So if this is something you’re ready to take the next step towards (installing a Paling Fence in Melbourne) give us a call on (03) 9034 5958 and we’ll answer any questions you have and provide you a free quote.

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