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Picket fence painted white and green
Picket Fence In The Suburbs Of Melbourne

Picket fences are quite a traditional style of fencing, but like all good traditions, the good ones never go out of style.  Interested in a picket fence to change the appearance of your property and increase your house price? Feel free to contact us to discuss your picket fence options.

Why A Picket Fence?

Picket fences can be suited for both modern and older homes and there’s so many different styles and colour schemes to choose from finding one that suits your property is quite straight forward.

Picket fences are primarily for appearance and whilst they can prevent stray animals from entering your front yard a determined human could easily scale one, so if you want a fence that adds a certain feel to your property a picket fence is great, but not so good if security is a higher priority.

They’re usually made from treated pine and painted for looks but also to protect the timber even further, they’re quite simple in their design but can take a bit longer to construct than some other types of fences and are almost always suited as a front fence for residential properties.

Pro’s & Cons Of Picket Fences

Picket fence at the front of a house
Picket Fencing Can Look Fantastic

-Stylish. A very stylish, popular and simple fence design, perfect for older or modern homes, they can create a certain look and feel based on your choice of design and colour, very customisable and the owner will have plenty of choices.

- Durable. The humble picket fence is generally made from treated pine and also painted so the timber can last a very long time and with stand heat, rain and wind for many many years.

- Variety Of Styles. Picket fences come in a variety of different styles and designs so there should be something that suits everyone and every home. There are concave picket fences, closed top picket fences, cathedral picket fences, flat top picket fences and many other different variations to choose from.

- Lack of Security. Picket fences may be able to keep smaller dogs out but if a adult wanted to climb over they would be able to, so generally they’re not going to offer much in the way of security, if this is important to you, you might consider another style of fence.

Picket fence on a suburban street
Picket Fence In Melbourne Suburbs

- Lack of Privacy. Picket fences have spaces between each slat and as such the privacy offered can be quite average. Most picket fences are generally short enough for most people to see over the top of anyway, some clients will consider a hedge of similar plant alongside their picket fence to provide extra privacy. If privacy is important other styles of timber fences might be better for you.

Almost all picket fences will require a gate of some sort, whether for a driveway or front path, we can offer both motorised (for driveway gates) and also non-motorised gates that will fit in with your property.

So if you’re after a good looking fence that never goes out of style, will give your house a specific look, and will endure the heat, the cold and in between, definitely consider getting yourself a picket fence.

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