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When someones thinking of a steel fence there’s a lot of different variations that can come to mind as there’s many different styles of fencing made from both steal, iron and other metals and alloys.

Read on though and we’ll give you a quick walk through of all the different variations and types of steel & metal fences there are so you can get a good idea of which one will suit your property best. Melbourne Fencing Pro’s is the #1 choice for steel fencing In Melbourne, if you’re ready to take the next step feel free to contact us or if you want to learn a bit more and get a better idea of your options, please read on.

Steel fence around a swimming pool
Steel Fence Around A Swimming Pool

Why A Steel Fence?

Steel fences comes in many different shapes, styles and variations and can be used in most situations for houses, businesses and industrial areas. One thing to mention is that many people may use the word “steel fencing” when they are thinking of wrought iron, whilst they are both metal and may seem similar they are a different type of metal and have different qualities, strengths and weaknesses, we’ll purely be covering steel fences. Chain link fences may also be considered a different type of steel fence.

Pro’s and Con’s Of Steel Fencing.

Steel fence around someones house
Steel Fence Around House

– Strength. For the most part steel fences have considerable strength and durability especially compared to anything made of wood or timber. Due to the nature of steel they can also be quite light which makes it easier to install and set them up, potentially saving you time and money. You can also be sure they’ll last a long time and will be able to provide a high level of security.
– Security. Depending on the style of steel fencing they can provide exceptional security and keep your home and family safe from intruders as well as stray and wild animals.

– Privacy. Many steels fences (with the exception being colorbond fencing) provide very poor privacy as most designs have vertical bars with spaces in between them which, whilst making them lightweight and able to allow lots of natural light through, doesnt provide any real privacy whatsoever. They can however be more effective if you incorporate plants trees and bushes.
– Appearance. Some people consider steel fencing to be quite unattractive however this will depend on the type of fence, where its setup and also whose opinion you’re asking. Steel fences can appear quite bare sometimes and may not suit all situations and properties, this is something you’ll have to decide and you can always reach out to us to learn all about your options and what might work best for you and your property.

Types Of Steel Fences

Tubular Steel Fencing – This is a basic steel fence design that is quite popular across the board and can be seen as front fences for houses, in and around schools, parks, and kindergartens as well as other types of businesses. Its a simple design with a frame and series of usually hollow vertical steel bars.

Aluminium Fencing Similar to tubular steel fencing but obviously made of aluminium, they’re more common on commercial properties and are corrosion resistant. This great feature makes them very popular in areas where there’s a lot of water, such as around swimming pools. Aluminium is usually more cost effective than steel as well so can be a good alternative if you’re budget conscious.

Galvanised Steel Fence outside a house
Galvanised Steel Fence

Galvanised Steel Fencing – This is a variation on regular steel fencing where a thin layer of another mental or alloy (usually zinc) is applied to the fence to make it more durable and more resistant to moisture, and the elements. This is a great choice if you’re after something that you want to last a long time and don’t mind spending a bit more to do so.

So if you’re ready to take the next step and need a no obligation, no pressure free quote, or have any questions about steel fencing in Melbourne reach out to us now on (03) 9034 5958!