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Need A Team Of Fence Builders In Melbourne?

So you’re in need of a new fence for your home or property in Melbourne and you’re looking for the best option for you, fear not as we’ll walk you through all you different options, or alternatively you could give us a call as well.

The type of fence you’re looking for will depend on a lot of different things such as the intended purpose (is it just for looks or is it for security, or a mix of both), your type of property whether it be a house, business or industrial facility, the location on your property the fence will be needed, your budget and of course your personal taste and preferences.

There may also be considerations such as local council requirements, body corporate (if relevant) regulations and state planning laws. In most cases you should be right however there may be limitations in some areas.

The main sort of fences you might come across are…

A fence next to a house
A Colorbond Fence Can Be A Great Option

Colorbond Fencing – Colourbond fences are a fantastic option for both front fences but also for side of property fences. They’re mostly suited for residential and commercial properties and have a fairly high level of security as they can be quite tall and have no handholds making it difficult to scale. They’re highly resistant to weather as the steel is treated and will be able to withstand rain, wind and sun for many years to come. They also come in a wide range of colours so there’s something to suit everyone’s taste. They can be a bit more expensive though however you do get what you pay for and if you have the budget for a colorbond fence is a great way to go.

Paling FencingPaling fences are your stock stand timber fence that has a simple but effective design that has been a staple of Aussie houses since federation. They’re almost always used to separate properties however they can be used for front of property as well depending on the design and location. Paling fences are made using treated timber so they have a long life and they’re also quite cost efficient which makes them a solid choice if you’re on a budget. They offer average security as they have handholds which can make it easy for some people to climb however they will keep most animals out. There are a few different styles but they’re generally quite similar. Since paling fences are usually used to separate property you’ll be able to share the cost with your neighbour as well which can make them considerably cheap, they also offer fantastic privacy and are a favourite.

A timber fence with a house behind it
A Paling Fence

Picket Fencing – Picket fencing is a classical favourite and can suite both older and modern houses. There are endless styles and varieties and they can be modified to suit your house and can also be painted any colour you desire. Their biggest selling point is that they provide a level of separation between your house and the front street whilst leaving your front yard and front of the house open and visible from the street. They’re generally more so for looks and to create an image and a feel for your property and tend to not be very effective in regards to security and privacy. They’re quite straight forward to construct but can take a little longer than simpler fences, such as paling fences.

Timber Fencing
– Timber fencing can come in many different varieties and styles to suit all homes and properties, whether it’s for a front, side or back fence, whether a motorised gate is required or not, there will be a timber fence out there that will suit your needs. Simple paling fences are great for the side and back of properties, timber slat fences are can go just about anywhere, and picket fences can really create an opening and welcoming front garden and never go out of style. We can provide all of these and more and also give you all your options and help you decide on the best option.

A chainlink fence with blurred background
A Chainlink Fence

Chainlink Fencing – Chain link fences are cost effective, and can provide a higher level of security that most other fences. They’re generally suited for more commercial, industrial or government type buildings and not really as common for residential properties. A downside of chainlink fences can also be an upside depending on the situation and your preferences and that is its transparency, there is very little privacy provided. We can build chainlink fences for all purposes and work will all sorts of budgets as there are many ways to build a chainlink fence. If you need some advice or want to take the next step, don’t hesitate to contact us.

So whether you know exactly what you’re after or you havnt a clue and need to some guidance and advice, don’t hesitate to contact the best fence builders in Melbourne for some friendly advice or a free customised quote. Committing to a new fence can be a big decision and we want to help you make the right choice for you and your budget, so give us a call today!